Amy and I met in Chamonix, France. I had just climbed Mt. Blanc, and I came down to the town to celebrate and there she was, wondering how an art history tour of Europe landed her in the middle of the alps. Sparks flew. She left for Nice. I chased her. Then there were (actual) fireworks, a one way plane ticket, and then a spectacular wedding :)

Amy works in finance and I'm an entrepreneur. My favorite thing in the whole word is creating new things. I do this for professionally: creating and building companies, working on products that help people. My current (most amazing) company has grown so big so fast, that I am more of a leader than a craftsman, and don't get as hands on as I would like.

So that's the background, and then in the foreground usually Amy and I are playing a board game. We play 2-3 times a week, sometimes twice a day on a rainy weekend. We like complex strategy games, usually the ones designed for two players. Shout outs to Twilight Struggle and Acres of Snow, both of which were big influences on our design.

I also love the Master and Commander novels, the tales of Jack Aubrey and the glorious, tragic, and improbable (yet true) stories of the golden age of sail.

So we brought it all together for this project. It is truly a labor of love. Enjoy.